Dooly County Job Tax Credit

Dooly County is a Federally Designated Rural Empowerment Zone.

Federal Job Tax Credits of $3000.00 per job created per year is approved by Congress on an annual basis. These credits can be applied at the Corporate level.

Georgia Job Tax Credits of $4000.00 per job created per year with a minimum of 5 jobs for 5 years can be applied to State withholding up to the total tax credit earned.

Georgia Ports Job Tax Credits of $1250.00 per job credit for companies that use Georgia Ports either in receiving or shipping products.

Georgia Work Opportunity Job Tax Credit of $2400.00 per job for 1 year.

Georgia Quick Start Job Training is available for manufacturing and industrial projects. This training is provided by the State of Georgia at no cost to the company.

Free Port – County and cities of Dooly County are 100 %.

Dooly County Industrial Authority can approve Industrial Bond Authorization to companies as needed.